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Entry for the 1000 Islands Big Bass Challenge.


  1. Eligibility Participation in the 1000 Island Bass Challenge event is open to all ages. (Participants under the age of 16 must have written parental/guardian consent*). Must fish with an angler over the age of 21 and provide their parent or legal guardian’s  written consent to the tournament organizer. As this fishing tournament is hosted the week of the free fishing week, you do not require a fishing license to fish.
  2. All boats must have a working airated live well. With min. size to be capable of handling 1 fish per angler.
  3. Anglers may only have one fish per angler in the boat when crossing the designated weigh in markers . Fish and livewells will be  inspected before taken to the scales.All fish in the livewells must be weighed in at this time, then all fish are to be taken to the live release boat.
  4. You are allowed to weigh in as many fish per day as long as they are over 12″ from tip to tip.
  5. All fish weighed in must have anglers entry ticket with them at time of weight in.
  6. When you leave the live release boat your livewells will be empty.
  7. There will be a comittment line and once you cross that line it is mandatory that you come into the scales. If you decide not to weigh in you will be made to release your fish. This is done for the reason that we need to maintain a steady flow at the dock.
  8. Every person in your boat must have a 1000 island Bass Challenge 2016 Ticket on them at all times.  Anyone that does not have a Big Bass Challenge 2016 Ticket in the boat will automatically disqualify everyone in that boat with a registered ticket.
  9. All boats will be subject to a boat inspection before angler can participate in the Big Bass Challenge 2016.
  10. All anglers must wear approved coast guard floatation devices when under power of main engine.
  11. No trolling allowed with main engine.
  12. Fish must be weighed in before the sounding of the Horn marking the end of the hour, in order to keep that fish eligible.During the last hour of the weigh in for each day anglers much be to check area 10 minutes before 3:00pm and have their ticket punched to be able to weigh fish.

Big Bass Challenge Representatives will be at the launch at 3:00am. Be there early if possible to make it easy to get everyone in on time for the Blast Off.

**This year the Blast Off has changed. We will have you going through a checkpoint before your power up. All boats must idle up to checkpoint markers; once the full length of the boat is past the markers you proceed to power up on plane. Boats 115HP and less will Blast Off at 5:30am and 120HP and higher will Blast Off at 6:00am**
Fishing time for the tournament is between 6:00am and 3:00pm.

First weigh in starts at 7:00am sharp. There will only be one weight in station and that will be in Gananoque .  Each morning a Big Bass Challenge Representative will check your boat and check your live well. You must wear you life jacket when your main motor is powered up (everyone in the boat). The organization and/or its sponsors will not be liable for injury to any person, contestant or spectator and will not be responsible for any loss of property. Contestants that compete in this event DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK …
All final decisions for this tournament will be the decision of the tournament director, please follow all rules and regulations to avoid and disputes or disqualifications. The changes made this year are to make things fair and maintain an even playing field for everyone.

Please note: This is a live release tournament. We do so to ensure that future generations can enjoy this sport for years to come.
Thank You, Garry Fisher President: Big Bass Challenge

1000 Islands Big Bass Challenge

The Big Bass Challenge is cancelled for 2017.