The Big Bass Challenge Canada all began when Bonnie and Kathrine decided Gananoque needed a fishing event. Bonnie is a former employee of the Gananoque Chamber of Commerce and Katherine is the Executive Director of Thousand islands Accommodations Partners. The two of them saw incredible potential in such an event, and knew of the right guy to make it all happen.

The choice was Garry Fisher. Garry, has a passion for fishing. Convinced he was perfect for the job, they sat him down and gave their proposal. Garry, a tractor trailer driver by trade, loved the idea but realized that event planning isn’t exactly his field of expertise. That didn’t concern Bonnie and Kathrine as they knew his passion for fishing would shine through, and so he decided to give it a go.

There were a few kinks along the way, but things managed to stay relatively on track. After meeting an incredible little girl named McKenna Modley, things changed. Garry realized that this event was going to take on the form of a non-profit business, rather than a quest to make money. After the event, Garry wrote a cheque to both McKenna and Matt (a man suffering from MS), and has agreed to support their charities through his events.

With some research, advice, and a whole lot of family and community support, Garry managed to put together a very successful Big Bass Challenge, which intends on growing year after year.

1000 Islands Big Bass Challenge

The Big Bass Challenge is cancelled for 2017.