The Ugly Boat

Untitled1Well it all started when we had announced the Big Bass Challenge at my wife’s work that’s when I met Mike Miller. His mother and my wife work in the same factory in the same department. Well Renee, Mikes mom wanted to know from my wife about the Big Bass Challenge. How much is it, what kind of boat can we use, what time do we start fishing… All kinds of questions through the plant. Well we answered all of Renee’s questions and then Mike started. Were can we get the rules? How many are aloud to fish out of the boat. Well mike you can get the rules on the web site or we can print you a copy of them off on our printer. As for the number of people in the boat you have to check the specs. on your boat for that. All was good then and we had them satisfied with all there questions answered.

Untitled2About a month went by and I finally Got to meet mike. Nice kid as we talked fishing in my garage. Mike said we should go fishing some time so I told him that I am always up for a good day of fishing. I asked him whose boat do you want to take yours or mine. Well Mike said if you don’t mine we could take yours, as I have never fished in a nice boat like that one.


I told him mine was not as nice as the bass boats that I fish against in my tournaments that I fish. What kind of boat do you have? Well Mike paused for a min. Then told me that he had a 14 foot aluminium boat. Well that made me so happy when he told me that. He wanted to fish the Big Bass Challenge in the same size boat that I used when I won second prize in the Trenton Walleye derby when I first started fishing. It was a 14 foot Star Craft with a 9.9 Johnson for a motor. In the four years that I had my boat I wanted it to look just like new. So Lisa and I took and put it in my garage for about a month after we bought it and gave it a make over. We painted it back to the original colour. And put it in the water. To our surprise it had no leaks in it and we were very happy with our buy. Over the next few years I had to give it a few things to make it better. Well I bought a 32-pound 12V Min Kota trolling motor for it. Then I had to add a fish finder. So I put a Humming Bird Fish finder in it. Then to top all that on the back two corner plates I bought a pair of Big John manual Down Riggers. It was the best boat I had ever owned. Oh ya that was the first boat I ever owned. Sold it to a guy in Bowmanville and miss that boat to this day still.


Well one day my wife and I took our dog for a good long walk. We made it to the other side of town and that’s when I saw it. I laughed and said to Lisa when we were walking look at that boat wonder who owns that big bath tub. Well just at that moment around the corner came Mikes mom. Well there were two boats there and Renee said that that was the boat that her dad owned. I looked at her and said I hope you mean this boat and not that other tub sitting beside it. She said yes that’s my dads boat and the other one was her son mikes boat. Well being her sons boat I said no more bad things about it. But looked at it a little more and Renee told us what Mike was doing to it and it almost made sense but I would have to see it work first before I would believe it for myself. Let me tell you what Mike did to make his boat work for my Big Bass Challenge. First of all he took the back seat out of the boat and put insulation in it and cut a hole in the top and put a lid on it. Then he took a drill the size of a drain plug for a boat and drilled a hole right in the bottom of the boat. After that he put the seat back in the boat and sealed it off so it would not leak. Well he had himself a boat that was fish worthy of the Big Bass Challenge. To fill his live well all he had to do is pull the plug in the bottom of the boat and the live well filled up. I still to this day would not believe that he was going to use it in the Big Bass Challenge till they (Mike Miller and Joel Perry) did what they did and Won. Well we had guys from everywhere coming to fish the Big Bass Challenge. Even one of our sponsors The Perfect Jig from Toronto brought down his bass boat. Some of our boats were worth over $60,000 and to think Mike had a chance with that floating piece of metal. Well they did and they one $3500 over the weekend in his boat . I asked Mike and Joel if they were going to maybe buy another nicer boat next year and Joel said no why wreck a good luck boat like this one. All that Mike said was this boat will be back even Uglier then ever next year. Well congrats guys and can’t wait to see that ugly boat back next year.


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1000 Islands Big Bass Challenge

The Big Bass Challenge is cancelled for 2017.