Big Bass Challenge and the Mighty St. Lawrence River

Written 2014

My name is Garry Fisher and I would like to welcome everyone to the 1000 Islands Big Bass Challenge. This is a tournament that is welcome to all anglers no matter of size height age or sex. Our Challenge is held on the Free Fishing Week in Ontario every year and is to get all anglers out to have fun but be able to make a little or should I say a lot of money or prizes for just going out to have a fun weekend of fishing. Untitled6All you need for this tournament is a Boat and a live well in it. This tournament was started in 2012 by my wife and myself with the Thousand Islands Accomodation Partners as my big sponsor. Then we had Gananoque Chev Dealer and Jamie Hall step in to give us a grand prize for the Biggest Fish of the weekend. Over the two days of the tournament we give $500 for the biggest fish of the hour for two 8-hour days. Through out the day we have another list of prizes sponsored by the local businesses from the town. These prizes all have weights set on them so the first angler that brings in a fish that weighs the same number by the prize they win that prize. At the end of the weekend we award the angler that has brought in the biggest fish of the weekend the grand prize of $2500. Over the past 2 years we have drawn over 600 anglers to the 1000 Islands Big Bass Challenge. We also have a legend of our sport and my mentor Big Jim McLaughlin at our closing ceremony’s.



Untitled5This tournament helps out our town in many ways. Family members that do not fish can walk through our town and visit all of our shops, restaurants, stores or museums in the area. Go on the 1000 Islands Boat Cruise and visit Boldt Castle. We also have lots of booths and games on land for your kids to win prizes too. This tournament also gets the whole family out of the houses and out on the beautiful St. Lawrence River for a fun day of fishing. We have anglers coming from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and all places in between. We even have on special boy that fishes it every year and he comes to see his Grandfather once a year and has asked to come in the month of July just to fish it and he comes up from Mexico.

There are many places to contact someone to go fishing in the town and here are just a few to get everyone started. Big Bass Challenge for guiding services and this year we are starting fishing leasons for kids to show them how to get started in the sport of fishing 613-382-7645 cell 613-329-7681 or We have teamed up this year with 2 other fishing charters to help each other out they are Greg Reynolds of the Muskie Charters 613-329-9834 and we have winter Ice fishing with fly in trips from the folks of Kouri’s Kopters of Gananoque.


Untitled7There are a lot of fishing spots all over the river to fish with a verity of fish of all kinds. Every bay you go into with a nice weed bed will hold very nice bass or pike. There you will find lots of pan fish to like perch or sunfish for the kids to have fun catching. If you go strait out from Gananoque harbour you will head right to the Forty Acre’s and there you will find the great Muskellunge. In the fall there are many anglers out there after the big trophy’s as they come in from Lake Ontario from their summer homes. We are only about 20 min from lake Ontario that hold the biggest Small Mouth Bass in Ontario. Las year a man that I know fished in a Brockville tournament and he brought in to the scales a 7lb small mouth bass. His name was Charles Simms. Another friend of mine last year by the name of Dale MacNair caught a trophy Muskie of 57 inches and he is a Shimano representative. Like I say this is a great fishery with all kinds of great fishing for all anglers from Kids right up to the Professional Angler.


This year we will be holding the 1000 Islands Big Bass Challenge this year again on the Free Family Fishing Week July 5&6 2014 There will be a Big Bass Classic running this year and a Muskie derby also with dates to be announced soon. This year we ran a perch/pike ice fishing derby with 75 anglers in that and it will be run every year now on Feb1st.


I would like to close this by telling you why I do this. I have had a passion for fishing for many years and want to see everyone enjoy my passion. I have been competitive fishing for around 12 years now and the joy of getting money or prizes for just going out having a nice day on the water is what I love. Getting my grandsons into this and showing them and other kids into this sport and seeing the eyes and big smile on their faces when they catch that big bass, pike or even a perch just makes my heart melt. Doing this for the town of Gananoque gives me joy, as having the Mighty St. Lawrence River in our front yard and giving back to the great community that I live in. All in all I love fishing and I will do this for many years to come. To contact me 613-382-7645 or go to our web sight and go to my contact us page.


Garry Fisher
Big Bass Challenge

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1000 Islands Big Bass Challenge

The Big Bass Challenge is cancelled for 2017.